More of My Favorite Healthy Products

Because we all are looking for healthy and convenient items to add to our kitchens, I wanted to share more of my favorite healthy products. Whether it’s a busy schedule or just being too tired to cook a made-from-scratch meal, some days we need to make a quick meal or grab something to go. I hope you enjoy learning about these healthy products.

Organic Sunshine Burgers

I love the idea of a convenient, packaged veggie burger, but I have to say that most of the ones I’ve seen have ingredients I don’t want to eat. When I eliminate the ones with dairy and gluten ingredients, what’s left are burgers with overly processed soy and junk. Happily, I’ve found a really healthy and tasty veggie burger: the Organic Sunshine Burger. They have only a few ingredients like brown rice and raw sunflower seeds. Flavors include: Original, Garden Herb, South West and Barbecue (my favorite). It’s so nice to read a label and find just a few natural ingredients. You can sprinkle these burgers with tamari soy sauce or another favorite sauce while cooking. You can find them in the freezer of health food stores.

Newman’s Own Black Bean & Corn Salsa


I’m not a big salsa fan, so I was surprised how much I love this salsa. It’s nice and thick, full of black beans and corn, and has just a little bit of kick to it. It actually reminds me more of chili than a salsa. You can find it at most regular grocery stores. It’s great with natural tortilla chips, and on nachos, tacos, etc. So yummy!

Dr. McDougall’s Instant Black Bean & Lime Soup

Yes, this is an “instant” soup. Usually instant soups are bland-tasting or full of gross ingredients. This one is fantastic. I always have several in my pantry to take to work or pack when travelling. Just add the flavor packet and stir in hot water. Make sure to let it sit for the recommended time so the beans soften. It’s very hearty and filling. Dr. McDougall has other instant soups that are OK, but none compare to this winner. I recently got an 8-pack at Amazon.

NOW Drink Sticks

I call this the “healthy Kool-Aid.” My kids and husband like these stevia-sweetened drink mixes. They come in several flavors: Acai Lemonade, Tropical Punch, Berry Energy Tea, and Pomegranate Berry. You can use one drink stick in a 16-ounce bottled water or, do what I do and, use several sticks to make a large pitcher. I like it because it’s all-natural, with no chemicals or preservatives. Plus it’s sugar-free, sweetened only with stevia.  It’s also pretty inexpensive. I’ve seen these drink sticks at the health food store, but I regularly order them from my favorite on-line store,

I hope you’ll try some of these. Let me know what you think of them if you do.

What are some of your favorite healthy products?

Healthful regards,